Chassis - Wipe dirt from lubrication fittings, then apply a good grade of water-resistant chassis lubrication, under pressure, at the following points: (1) Lower Control Arms, inner and outer ends, (2) Upper Control Arms, (3) Steering knuckles, (4) Tie Rods and Intermediate Rod, Steering linkage idler arm bushing, (5) Brake and Clutch Pedal Shaft, (6) Clutch Release Equalizer, (7) Brake Pedal (lower end at push rod clevis), (8) Clutch, brake and throttle linkage may be lubricated (up to carburetor throttle rod only) with engine oil.

Synchromesh Transmission and Rear Axle - Check level at filler plug. Maintain level using SAE 90 Multi-Purpose Gear Lubricant (U.S. Army Spec. 2-105B) for temperatures not lower than 10 degrees F below zero. In temperatures continuously below -10 degrees F, use SAE 80. Seasonal or periodic draining and flushing is not required. When complete refilling is required, however, use above lubricant in transmission but use only Factory Hypoid Lubricant in rear axle.

Dynaflow Drive - Check Transmission oil level, with transmission oil warm, transmission in Parking and engine idling. If level is more than one inch below "FULL" mark on gauge rod, add oil but do not fill above the "FULL" mark. Distance between "FULL" and "ADD OIL" marks on rod represents one pint. Use oil specified under "Every 25,000 Miles."

Steering Gear - Check level at filler plug. Maintain level using Multi-Purpose Gear Lubricant as recommended for rear axle. Do not use pressure when filling. Seasonal or periodic change of lubricant is unnecessary. With power gears, turn wheels to full left turn before filling.

Power Steering Gear - All models use a pump having an integral reservoir. To check oil level, remove cover from top of reservoir and see if oil comes to specified level. Add oil specified for Dynaflow Drive to maintain level.

Cranking Motor (Starter) - Apply a few drops of engine oil to the link pins and fulcrum stud of shift yoke.

Battery - Add distilled water to bring level to ledge at bottom of slot in well. WARNING: DO NOT FILL ABOVE LEDGE.