1955 Buick 1955 Buick
  •  Model 49
  •  122-in. Wheelbase
  •  188 Horsepower


The 1955 SPECIAL Series' prices start just a few dollars over America's lowest. There the similarity ends.

2-Door 6 Passenger ESTATE WAGON

The SPECIAL -- Buick life, lift and luxury at lowest cost


1955 Buick Special

Here, on an easily maneuverable 122-in. wheelbase, is Buick's famous Estate Wagon (Model 49) in the solidity and lasting beauty of an all-steel body -- and -- at a new, lower price. With its great new 188-horsepower V8 engine, abundant roominess and serenely level ride, this SPECIAL Estate Wagon is your smartest buy in double-duty travelers. This model may be ordered with a split rear seat which can be folded away in sections, thus giving deeper loading space and rear seating space at the same time.