Front Wheel Bearings - Wipe old grease out of hub and wash bearings. Work approximately one tablespoon of wheel bearing lubricant into each ball bearing. The oil seal packings should be examined for wear or leaking and replaced if necessary.

NOTE: Do not overfill bearings as excessive lubricant may be forced thru seals and get on brake lining.

Bearing Adjustment - Take up spindle nut with 10" wrench until bearings are preloaded at least 1 hex, then rotate wheel 1 revolution to make sure bearings are seated. Back off spindle nut until bearings are loose. Tighten nut until all bearing looseness is just removed, then line up nut to nearest cotter hole and install cotter pin. Do not mistake loose king pin bushing, etc., for wheel bearing looseness. CAUTION: BEARING PRELOAD MUST NOT EXCEED 1/2 TURN OF NUT.

Rear Shock Absorbers - Inspect and fill to proper level using only Delco Shock Absorber fluid. For filling instructions consult Authorized Buick Dealer. Front shock absorbers are direct acting and cannot be refilled.