Control of the Variable Pitch Dynaflow Drive is obtained by positioning the control lever mounted directly below the steering wheel. Variable Pitch Dynaflow-equipped cars do not have a clutch pedal and lever may be placed in any position when engine is idling by merely moving the lever. Stops have been placed at certain points in the lever travel so that it is necessary to raise the lever to place it in certain positions. After a little experience driving the car, you will find that it is possible to select a range merely by "feel" and visual reference to the dial will not be necessary. However, the dial is illuminated for night driving and is controlled by the instrument panel lighting circuit.

When required, additional engine "braking" can be obtained by placing lever in "L."

NOTE: The starting motor circuit on cars equipped with the Dynaflow Drive is so wired that the engine will not start unless the control lever is in either "P" or "N" positions.

55 Buick Park There are five positions indicated:

This is a Parking Lock and is to be used in conjunction with the foot operated "Step-on" parking brake. THIS PARKING LOCK MUST NEVER BE APPLIED WHEN CAR IS IN MOTION. Control lever must be raised to be placed in or out of this position. Parking the car with the control lever in "D," "L," or "R" positions will not partially brake the car as it does when you leave a conventional transmission "in gear."

55 Buick Neutral "N"
This is neutral and is to be used when towing the car and may be used instead of "P" when car is standing still and engine is running. Control lever must be raised when moving it from "D" to "N" position.