55 Buick Power Seat The front seat on all Buick models is easily adjusted to any position forward or backward to provide maximum driving comfort.
Manually-operated seats may be adjusted by merely pressing the control lever at the driver's end of the seat and exerting slight body pressure either forward or backward. When in the desired position, the seat adjuster mechanism will automatically lock to prevent movement.
Forward or backward movement of power-operated seats is controlled by a button on the driver's end of the seat which is pressed in the direction of desired travel. The seat is automatically locked when the control button is released.
Easier rear seat entrance can be made on all two-door models due to the angular tilting split seat backs.

The steering wheel on your Buick is adjustable "up" and down" within certain limits. If the location of the wheel does not fit your particular needs, ask your dealer about changing it for you.


This is a mechanically operated brake which locks both rear wheels. This brake is operated with the foot and is located on the left side under the instrument panel.

55 Buick parking brake This brake is self-locking and will remain applied until the knob marked "Brake," located at lower left flange of instrument panel, is pulled out to release. This brake should always be released before the car is driven.


A warning light in the instrument panel lights if the ignition is turned on and the brake is not released. (Standard on Roadmaster, Optional on Series 40, 50, and 60.)